Delicious Emily's Message In a Bottle Free Download

Delicious emilys is an cooking casual game in which delicious Emily's message in a bottle was released on August 4, 2016. In this game the player takes the role of Emily who has to run restaurant.

Delicious Emily's Message in a Bottle

Customers may come in bulk or in single she has to take care of them in a good manner and take orders from them. She not make them wait for long time , if she does so it will make them angry and they will  leave from the restaurant. There are certain ability added like entertainer , when there are plenty of orders you may use the entertainer so that there attention gets diverted and you can fulfill them with there meals.


There is also telephone available which will ring up, and you have to reserve  tables for them. Most of entertainers are available in shops and very few are available at start. Delicious Emily's has many more abilities in this game such as decorating restaurants and home delivery service , doing rapidly will leads to bigger tips.

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