Download Project IGI I'm Going in PC Game Full Version For Free

Project IGI: I'm going in is developed by Inner Loop Studios and was published by Eidos Interactive. It was released on December 15th, 2000 for Microsoft Windows.The gameplay is of single player mode, and it's a stealth action (genre) game. Project IGI 1 the first game in the series of Project IGI and earned lot of positive reviews from the gamers around the entire world.
Project IGI 1 Game Free Download

Project IGI I'm going in released in Europe as just Project IGI 1 as a tactical first-person shooter game. This game received a lot of reviews due to lack of additional features and poor programming. The game didn't have the multiplayer option which disappointed the games. However, the developers were appreciated for the superb sound design and graphics of the Game.


The protagonist Jones, with the help of Anya infiltrates the base of Jain Priboi to capture him and extract the knowledge of the stolen warhead. While . Josh Priboi is taken away in a helicopter by Jones. The copter is shot down by Ekk. The Russians take Priboi as well as Jones equipment the Jones has to clear the border and find his gear. He then hijacks the train carrying Priboi and takes him to interrogation. Learning about the involvement of  Ekk, he sets off to catch her and find the nuclear weapon.  Ekk escapes after his first meeting with Jones, but Jones kills her after finding her next hideout as well. 

Project IGI 1 PC Game Free Download
Project IGI 1 Game Free Download 

Project IGI 1 Game Free Download
Download  Project IGI 1 Game Free For PC 

Download  Project IGI 1 Game Free For PC
Download Project IGI1 PC Game Full Version For  Free 

The game also has cheats which you can take advantage of in times of critical situation. Here are they below do check it out and have fun gaming.

Project IGI 1 Cheats - Effects

  • needbakup - 2 mens backup comes for help
  • diehard - enemy die
  • holowman - invisibility
  • imdone - skip mission
  • stormydayq - storm comes
  • bigbang - tanks destroy 
  • all gun - unlimited guns
  • asperine -unlimited health
  • superman - you can fly
  • damnyou - commits suicide 

Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU -  Pentium 2 @ 300 MHz
  • RAM - 64 MB
  • Graphics - 8MB
  • OS-Windows 95/98/ME
  • Hard Drive - 500MB
  • Download size- 339MB


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